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Tunisia will adopt the law on stimulation of investments for economy development

Author: Olegiv / Date: Sun, 04/23/2017 - 19:26 / Tags: economy, news
Economy growth

The Prime Minister of Tunisia Youssef Chahed declared adoption of the new law on stimulation of the investments, which purpose - activization of development of national economy, reported local TV channel RTCI.

"The law on stimulation of investments shall become a key to growth, creation of workplaces and welfare of the people" - Chahed said at a press conference - “…entry into force of the new standard rate matches the beginning of gradual recovery of the Tunisian economy.”

As a whole the law on stimulation of investments contains a packet of provisions which will protect interests of the investor, among which cancellation of some allowing documents connected with economic activity, such as access to the market, plus some judicial eases.

The law on stimulation of investments, encouraging capital inflow to Tunisia, provides privileges for the investors who are especially making investments in agricultural industry and fish industry. Privileges first of all concern projects of regional development, priority sectors, and also investments in infrastructure.